Hollywood Smile Program

TV shows have proved the power of the beautiful smile – and vice versa. Four out of five of us keep our mouths firmly shut when we’re being photographed because we’re so self-conscious about yellowing, grey, chipped, cracked, crowded or uneven teeth – and all too aware of the contrast with the white, even Hollywood smiles that are now a prerequisite for the stars of the big screen. And one in three of us is considering getting something done about it, according to the British Academy of Cosmetic Dentistry.

What most of us are considering, it seems, is a veneer – or probably several of them. The wafer-thin strip of pearly white porcelain that is bonded to the offending tooth – more natural-looking than false teeth, and a quicker fix than caps or crowns, which both require more invasive dentistry.

At Lebanon Dental Clinic, you will find pioneers in the Hollywood Smile lead by Dr. Soheir, who have delivered the Hollywood Smile to countless patients and effectively changed their lives. We provide you with all the options necessary to achieve that dream smile focusing on the least invasive treatments possible, the least amount of pain and in a competitively short time using the highest technologies and products to date.

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